Nokia 3310 vs iPhone 6s Check Here Why Nokia is a Better Buy Lets Check.


Nokia 3310 vs iPhone 6s Check Here Why Nokia is a Better Buy Lets Check.

Nokia 3310 was launched 17 years back but it is still better than
the iPhone 6s which was launched hardly a year ago.

On the special leaks from HMD Global that Nokia 3310 is
relaunching, we are going to prove why Nokia 3310 is still a
better buy than every other flagship in the market today.

Great Battery Life

Can any phone beat Nokia 3310 int his aspect? let me tell you a
story, recently I was cleaning my wardrobe and found Nokia 3310
which I thought I lost 2 years ago, with 1 battery bar still left
xD. jokes apart but eb\very 90’s kid knows the battery life this
legend has but that is not the case with iPhone 6s. As soon as you
open any game, the battery starts to drain out. Also, the charging
is so quick in Nokia 3310 that even Qualcomm superfast can’t come
close too.

Built Quality

Everyone knows that if you hit someone with Nokia 3310, you will
be punishable with an attempt to murder case. But with iPhone, you will have to sell your kidney to afford another

Compact : 

iPhone 6s is not only very big but still, carrying it along is a pain. Sometimes it doesn’t even fit into the pocket. On the other hand, Nokia 3310 can be carried very easily. We don’t have to worry if it is still in our pocket or not.

No Selfies:

Remember the selfie syndrome or the latest study suggesting that men involved in extreme love for talking selfies are psychopaths? selfie addiction is not cool!
with Nokia 3310, the user can’t take selfies that make the world a little better place to live in.

Keypads :

Kids of today’s generation will never understand the happiness of typing on the physical keypad. typing each key 3-4 times to type a particular alphabet was just awesome. Any iPhone lacks this!

No need to sell Kidney:

An iPhone is really expensive! for $700 I can get a Nokia, gaming console, Pizza for a week

Less of a Social media, more of a personal touch:

Research proves that excessive use of social media leads to depression. No internet connectivity makes Nokia 3310 a less of a distraction. Connected to the whole world 24×7 via the internet makes the physical interaction way less. Nokia 3310 makes us more interactive and hence a more interacting guy has better self-confidence.

No freezing:

iPhone’s do tend to hang and freeze from time to time, though it is occasional but it is true that iPhone lags and gets a freeze. I wasted my life to freeze Nokia 3310 but failed. I haven’t seen in Nokia 3310 getting the freeze on a particular screen but it is not the same case with iPhone’s, iPhone does get the freeze and do gets heated up.

Snake Game YAH:

Trust me on this, snake game is the most difficult game I have ever played. with the speed that snake runs, it can beat the hell out of flash. Modern day mobile games are no good compared to this snake. don’t even get me started on space impact, I was a stormtrooper in that game who can never hit on its target.

I am a DJ:

90’s kids must remember there was an option of composing our own music in Nokia 3310. every time we used to compose our own ringtone, it always felt like we’re the best DJ in this world. sure, we get lots of composing apps on iPhone but the happiness of pressing each key for 3-4 times and those codes appearing on the screen always made us feel like a pro. So that is it guys for this fun article from my side. Lots of new stuff are coming soon, so please stay tuned

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