New 9 Features of Whatsapp Check it Out .


New 9 Features of Whatsapp What are they, Check it Out .

When it comes to instant Messaging Applications, there  will be Hardly a name that’s more Well-Known that is Whatsapp.

The Facebook-Owned Cross-Platform apps is most popular instant Messaging service out there.

And more than one billion people accross the world use it on a daily basis to communicate in real-time and share everything from photos to videos.

But whatsapp isn’t just about textual conversations and media sharing.

Thanks to continued development the applications now boasts numerous other functionalities.

Want to find out more, Check Here are the Newly launched Features of Whatsapp.

Call Back Option :- 

Often miss the Call-back feature when making Whatsapp calla ? Whatsapp has finally Heard about you.

With V2.16.189 Users get a “Call back” Options on the Application.

This Features appears on the Application screen after a call is Declined.

GIF Sharing Support Option :-

Sharing Images with a Group of Friends on Whatsapp Group is Fun and Entertainment.

But Sharing animated GIF’s is even better, and with Whatsapp it’s easy to do.

All you have to do is select a GIF Saved on your Smartphone and send it to the Contact/Group with whom Yoy would like to share it.

Shared GIF’s appear with Full Animations.

GIF Search Option :- 

You can not only Share GIF’s on Whatsapp, also you can directly find them as well.

The application recently started rolling out GIF search Support to its Beta Application on Android.

Video Calling :-

Looking for a Good Feature- and Fully Loaded skype alternative ? Whatsapp is all that you need.

The app now supports video-calling functionality that lets you have video chats with your Contacts.

Enhance images with doodles and emojis.

Taking a cue from rival snapchat, Whatsapp now lets you Personalize the Photos by overlaying emojis or doodles on them.

Before that they sharing them with others.

All you have to do is to take a picture right from the app’s-in camera interface and there will be a new editing tools will appear on the Photo.

The Quick customization, so go ahead unleash your Creatity

Optimized video-calling feature for India

Whatsapp Claims that its video-calling features is optimized for telecom networks in regions like India.

The company vice president of business development neeraj arora recently.

How we have built this product is just like Voice calls,which is if you have a great network condition.

Support for 10 Indian languages

Whatsapp can be used in 10 local Indian Languages.

Neeraj Arora, its VP of Business Development said that the Important thing.

A lot of User’s were Passinate about using whatsapp in their own language .

so we gave them a tool to help us to translate the whatsapp in their own Language.

Share 30 media files at once

Post a recent update, that whatsapp has increased the maximum number of media files that can be shared.

The Users at one time up to 30.

Earlier the maximum number of Shareable media files at a time was 10.

The New Feature are available for Android users on whatsapp’s beta version 2.17.6.

‘Send’ messages even without internet

Apple iphone users can now “Send” whatsapp messages even in areas of poor or no internet connectivity.

The Feature which has already been there in Android Smartphones for some time now.

There was out to IOS Devices Days after.

Messages will be automatically delivered once you can get connectively back on your Iphone.

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