Nandamuri Balakrishna beat his assistant on the sets of NBK102 film


On the day when Nandamuri Balakrishna was being hailed by film lovers for initiating the shoot of his 102nd film on the quick following day of wrapping up ‘Paisa Vasool’, the senior hero sadly amassed gigantic negative publicity.

On the opening day of #NBK102, Balayya was purportedly caught manhandling his assistant. The video became a web sensation via web-based networking media welcoming extreme feedback for him. All things considered, the collaborator may not consider the issue important attributable to his closeness with the senior legend however the video gives a feeling that Balayya was exceptionally rude to him.

Balayya has confronted such negative waves via web-based networking media and in national media on great number of events in the current circumstances. For Instance: when he threw away the telephone of a fan who moved toward him for a selfie during the US visit, when he professedly misbehaved with a man who went to the sets to have photographs with him, his selection of words on “actresses ” amid his addresses at occasions, smoking out in the open at an occasion in Chennai and so forth.

Balayya needs to understand that in the period of online networking, even the minor mistakes conferred in an attack of wrath or the illegal words talked in stream become a web sensation and get anticipated as rudeness, vulgarity and uncaring acts

Watch video here: 


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