Nagarjuna will be playing as karna in Mohanlal 1000 cr Mahabharata


Super star Akkineni Nagarjuna, as he is affectionately brought in Telugu film circles, is a busy man nowadays with numerous projects in his grasp. He is delivering Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming movie titled Rarandoi Veduka Chudam. Other than this, he additionally is a Part of Raju Gari Gadhi 2 which is coordinated by Omkar, which likewise includes his future daughter in-law Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Addressing the media before the arrival of Rarandoi Veduka Chudam, Nagarjuna talked about a considerable measure of things and revealed some interesting points.

A role in Mohanlal’s epic Mahabharata was offered to Nag and talking about he stated, “I worked with Sukumaran for a advertisement, so I know him. Vasudevan Nair is one of the best screenplay writers in the nation and I read the book in view of which this film is being made. They have moved toward me for the part of Karna, however I don’t know to what extent it will take for things to take care of business. Be that as it may, one thing is without a doubt — whether it is a little or big role, it is critical for the film.”

Annoy likewise included that Chaitanya will get married in October 2017 and talked about Samantha Ruth Prabhu he stated, “She used to call me sir during Manam. Presently, she is calling me mama.”

Tossing some light on the production of a film, Nagarjuna said that a producer has an incredible duty towards a film and ought to have the capacity to drive it in the correct bearing. “The maker ought to make a positive situation and put everything on track. He ought to recognize what is going on the sets and in the event that someone is accomplishing something incorrectly, the maker needs to direct them.” Read More: Akkineni  Naga Chaitanya and Samantha romantic conversation video


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