Much-waited song of Raees,Laila Main Laila ft Shah Rukh & Sunny ...

Much-waited song of Raees,Laila Main Laila ft Shah Rukh & Sunny is Out


The much-awaited Song Laila Main Laila from the film Raees version is finally out after days of building up the suspense with snippets and sneak peeks this song adds nothing substantial to the original from Feroz Khan Qurbani other than ravishingly stunning Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone owns this song, setting the stage on fire with her oozing oomph Style. Sunny, who earlier did the Laila act in shootout at Wadala, looks drop-dead gorgeous in a blue lehenga and choli. Ram Sampath’s revamped version is quite peppy and Pawni Pandey’s sultry voice does not disappoint.

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One cannot compare her moves to the sensual Zeenat Aman in the original as both of them play different roles in their respective versions. While Aman was more of a singer in a bar. Sunny Leone is a desi bar dancer. BNoth of them sport different styles of attire as well: Sunny wears lehenga while Aman was seen in western outfits. While she could not replicate the poise of Aman in her song, Leone does not need to do so as she dazzles in her desi avatar and enchants the audience with her moves.

Shah Rukh Khan appears towards the end of the song and while he tries hard to resist, he too gives in to Sunny’s charms.

Sunny Leone, Laila Main Laila, video song,
Sunny Leone Laila Main Laila

Undoubtedly, she has the best dance numbers among recent films while ‘Laila O Laila’ does not surpass her charm in her previous hits like ‘Baby Doll’ it does comes as a refreshing change from a dozen of average songs she appeared in recently.

Shah Rukh Khan shares screen space with Leone in the song but does not dance as he is seen in a passive capacity, sporting a blank yet menacing look. while the lack of reaction might be the demand of his character, it was a misleading promotional practice on the maker’s behalf to allow Khan to build the hype for Leone’s song. This misled his fans into believing that Khan and leone will ve seen dancing together to the iconic song but alas, that did not happen.

Sunny Leone, Laila Main Laila, video song download,

Art directions is a plus point as the setting complements the tone of the song and the colors of Sunny Leone attire. The choreography also does justice to the both courtesy the commendable skills of the choreographer’s Bosco-Caesar.

As far rehashed music is concerned, the vocals by Pawni Pandey might be her best yet they lack the dreamy appeal of the original vocals by Kanchan. While the original music composer duo Kalyan-Anand had done most of the work, Ram Sampath does a praiseworthy job of turning the song into a fast-paced dance number. He even replaces the string instrument with a wind instrument to lend it a distinct touch.

Javed Akhtar’s seasoned ability comes into play as his additional lyrics fit perfectly into the tunes of the original and takes the original lyricist Indeevar’s musical narrative forward rather than diverting it to a completely different tangent.