King Arthur: Legend of the Sword trailer is out David Beckham trolled for his acting


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword trailer is out featuring David Beckham’s acting introduction has been broadly panned by motion picture fans taking after the arrival of the King Arthur trailer on Tuesday.

The former footballer made his silver screen make a big appearance Directed by Guy Ritchie featuring Charlie Hunnam and Eric Bana, which will hit UK films on May 19.

Legend of the Sword expects to put a crisp turn on the ageless story of medieval heroism that is the King Arthur legend. Ritchie appears to have put his own particular unmistakable go up against the Arthurian mythology here, according to the recording from Legend of the Sword that has been uncovered to the movie loving masses, so far.

With preview ticket sales as of now selling out in front of Legend of the Sword’s debut in theaters, fanatics of past emphasess of the Arthurian legend on the big screen might need to ensure they book their tickets advance of time of venturing up to the movies to acquire them. Hunnam certainly strikes a dashing figure as the young King Arthur in Ritchie’s new motion picture, and the most recent clip from the film likewise uncovers the presence of another outstanding celebrity identity.

The latest Legend of the Sword clip released on the online (see the video above) offers a glance at real-life former English soccer superstar David Beckham’s cameo appearance in Ritchie’s film. As delineated here, Beckham flies up in Legend of the Sword as a particularly abrupt kindred knight who scolds Hunnam as Arthur to grasp the grip of the sword Excalibur with “Both hands,” as a component of a bigger manhunt to locate the person who is forecasted to end up plainly the following king.


This latest clip from King Arthur: Legend of the Sword paints the photo of Hunnam as Arthur ever bigger, just this time his devastated childhood and working class roots are given complete consideration. While past trailers have increased the extent to which Arthur will in the long run turn into a romantic hero of incalculable victories, Ritchie’s film will clearly give primary attention to his humble origin story.

The truth will surface eventually regardless of whether King Arthur: Legend of the Sword figures out how to win upon critics and audiences, yet with any fortunes Ritchie’s curious true to life vision behind the camera will bring about an adjustment of the source material not at all like whatever else that’d been seen on the big screen some time recently. For the time being, here’s to seeking after the absolute best not long from now, when Hunnam advances toward U.S. theaters as the youthful King Arthur.

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