Keshava Movie Review and Keshava Rating (3/5) Starring Nikhil Siddharth


Keshava Movie Review: Young Hero Nikhil’s Keshava has Released today across the globe. The initial reports of the movie coming in are promising and it promises to be another A Centers and Multiplex Hit movie from the young hero. The movie has registered good openings in Andhra Pradesh and Nizam. Tollywood young hero Nikhil Siddharth’s most awaited film ‘Keshava’ released worldwide on Friday, may 19th, 2017. The film got the pre-release hype with first look posters and recently released trailer. The trailer showcases the Nikhil in a new avatar which we never saw before and the story looks fresh & unique same like actor’s previous films. Nikhil is good in a serious role that doesn’t require him to be too energetic. He has to have a serious expression throughout. To get a little depth, to what looks like an obviously very simple character, some difficulty has been added, but it doesn’t bring anything worthwhile to the role or the performance, in the end.

Keshava Movie Review

All the theaters in major centers have registered Housefulls. It has to be seen how things will pan out as the talk consolidates by the evening. Baahubali-2 which will enter into its fourth week from today is the sole competition for the movie.Twelve years after his parents’ death, a student(Nikhil Siddharth) with a rare heart disease has to seek revenge by controlling his anger and plots to bring their murderers to justice. Even though the perpetrators turn out to be police officers, the man, without any fear, murders two of the cops. In order to investigate the sudden deaths of the two officers, Special Investigation Officer Sharmila Mishra (Isha Koppikar) steps in. She soon catches hold of the man and learns about his parents’ untimely death. She, unexpectedly, has to release him but, knowing that he will strike again, she still keeps an eye on him.

Ritu Varma and others :- The film has only one significant character, and the rest are just supporting that one all important role. Ritu Varma is precise in her part, and so is Isha Koppikar who returns to Telugu cinema after a very long gap. Priyadarshi is alright. Vennela Kishore is hilarious with excellent timing in few scenes. Rao Ramesh is fine as usual. Brahmaji and Ajay get wasted big time.

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Given that, Baahubali-2 is staying strong at the box office, it is still a formidable competition for the movie. Nikhil is seen as a student in Rajamahendravaram who suffers from a rare heart disease. He has his heart on the right side and should always keep his anger or tension in check. Any mental or physical tension will ruin his health.


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