Kamlesh Pandey Crime Patrol actor Commits Suicide


Kamlesh Pandey who know for a police officer in Popular show ”Crime Patrol’ committed suicide in Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh. the actor shot himself in the chest. Kamlesh Pandey was in Sanjivini Nagar and his wife’s sister Anjani Chaturvedi was also present. while the reasons for his suicide aren’t known yet, reports cite personal reasons behind the act.

A few days before the incident Anjani got her daughter married and did not invite Kamlesh Pandey to the wedding, for which he had been upset.the small-time actor was reportedly inebriated at the time of the incident. The police have started an investigation into the case and a clearer picture will emerge after the postmortem.

According to news Kamlesh Pandey had reportedly drunk a lot and created the ruckus in the house. He then took out his revolver, shot in the air first and then himself in the chest. panicked family members immediately called the ambulance and police. By the time they reached Kamlesh had already breathed his last.

According to the reports, there was a rift between Kamlesh and his wife’s family which led to the altercation. the actor, who found fame playing a police officer in Popular show Crime Patrol,¬†was in Jabalpur’s Sanjivni Nagar with his wife’s sister, Anjani Chaturvedi.

Kamlesh is survived by his wife and two daughters.Other television personalities who committed suicide this year include Pratyusha Banerjee and Sai Prashanth. While police are treating it as a case of suicide, Investigations are still now.

Although Kamlesh wife or any other member of his family have not given an official statement as yet regarding suicide.

Recently Preity Zinta’s cousin too had committed suicide owing to problems in his marital and family life. we’re sure the police will investigate this case further and give the media a statement about the actor’s death. But look how it’s ironic that an actor who was a police officer for a show like crime patrol passed away in such a terrible way. we wish his family a speedy recovery from the incident and really wanna know if the actual cause of this tragic death.



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