iPhone 8 will come with a Sleek Design Check it Out.


The Latest Sensation from the iPhone to release their New Product from apple is that Apple iPhone 8 that to be release and look set to be one of the Most eye-catching Smartphone till Date.

Apple has got the long been Rumored to be Planning to release the iPhone 8 and planning something special for its New release and which will mark in this long ten years of journey since now and it has become one of the Smart and Powerful smartphone apple that makes the mark in the Smartphone market and sales, and the Launch of its first ever iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come with a warm welcome and hardware but it could also a feature and its been a major shake-up in terms of its design and features, as apple looks to give its top smartphone as much-needed makeover.

Now a days with the reports that has claimed some improvements and could include something new that’s been seen and before in an apple device and its a great change that could come with a real-game changer and its new sleek and Jaw-droping style.

Apple iPhone 8 – leaked Photos,concert,Images .

The Curved screen of apple iPhone 8 will be similar to the Design screen in the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge and with a Notification and the new features added in the alerts and the display side of the device and apple making more room on the main Display.

As per the reports to the Media that apple have said that the iPhone 8 will sport has the company’s first curved display firstly introducing in the Apple iPhone 8.

The Curved Screen will be similar to the design that we seen in the Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge and with the notifications and a displayed that making the room on the Main display.

The Change that could be the bad news for the Apple fans and the Apple users however as the OLED displays price significantly more than the LCD products.

The WSJ’s report even that claims the iPhone 8 will be the first device from the Company to price more than around $1,000 as the OLED screens and are hugely expensive to manufacture with only a few companies around the world that to product the Price of Units that apple will need to keep a certain price.

Currently the Most and the Sleek design and edition of the iPhone 7 Plus for       $ 949

However such a change that would allow the company to sell a whole New Generation of the Accessories to the Customers which would be a Potentially lucrative revenue stream.


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