iPhone 7 Helps apple to hit the all time revenue in Apple Sales.


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iPhone 7 Helps apple to hit the all time revenue in record hit.

Apple is on the Success on the iPhone 7 and the apple watch these two got the highest revenue and a hit record for the Apply Company in 2016 till Now, as it based the company on Wednesday announced an detail’s of the all time record revenue of about $78.4 Billion with a long record record earnings and shares of about $3.36 for the first quarter of 2017 that was ended up to December 31st.

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Apple becoming the throne as the world’s most top Smartphones seller for the first time in the Last five years on Tuesday that the apple company beating up their rival Samsung in the Units shipped for this holiday Quarter and boosting the revenues of the apple with a strong showing for its new smartphone which hits the tech all over the world iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone Sales and the Number and the Gross Profits are almost $18 Billion, and the apple company has break the Wall Street Expectations of the World and sending its shares up to 3 Percent after the trading starts.

But the Gains of the Apple were tempered by apple’s and outlook
for the current quarter which it mainly attributed to the
Strongest U.S dollar which hurts the Companies like Apple that
sell the majority of their Products and the Products Overseas and
by forcing them to Raise the Prices and the unit Sales or to
Sacrifice Margins.

The Results Compare to the Revenue of the $75.9 and the Earning Per Share of the $3.28 in the Last Year’s Quarter.

International Sales of the Apple 7 and the Apple 7 Plus accounted for 64 Percent of the Quarter revenue as the reports said.

Apple Sold 78.29 Million iPhone’s in the Fiscal first quarter ended up on December 31st up from 74.78 million of the last year. Analysts on average had expected 77.42 Million according to the research firm.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook Said that demand was especially high for the Larger iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 in the Fiscal First Quarter.

Revenue in the Business services which includes the App Store and the apple Pay and the iCloud that has jumped to 18.4 Percent to $7.17 Billion which helped by the Popularity of the Games including the Pokemon Go and the Super Mario Run that made the revenue increased from the Subscriptions for the Apple Company.

That Beat the Smartphone Tycoon Samsung Electronics of about 77.5 million smartphone sales in the Quarter according to the Tech Data firm Strategy Analytics and the first time that has happened since in he last fourth quarter of the 2011.

Apple is heavily dependent on the Success of the Apple 7 and 7 Plus which account for more that the Two-third of its total revenue.

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