Instagram is one of the most loved app at present all over the world for its Social Photo sharing app. Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 and this many years we have seen Instagram some rapid growth after that. In 2013 Instagram growth increased rapidly up to 23% while the parent organisation the Facebook growth is only 3% now you can assume that how much users are loving this Instagram app.

Here are the some facts about Instagram everyone should have.

31% of female web users are on Instagram compared with 21% of the male web users.
13 is the minimum age in the event that you need to have a account on Instagram.
Most preferred photo on Instagram has around 10+ million preferences.
Selena Gomez left the various famous celebrities behind on Instagram with 109 million followers. if she were a nation, it would be the twelfth most populous nation.
Calerdon is the most used filter on Instagram took after by Juno, and Gingham.

19.22% of the user traffic on Instagram is from the USA.

Instagram stories feature was presented in August 2016.
At the point when Instagram reached its initial million users, Facebook had more than 600 million clients.

Instagram now has more than 600 million Users, and around 300 million every day active Users.

Instagram has more than 282,417,581 selfies as on Dec 24th, 2016.
4.2 billion likes for each day.

The US President Mr.Barack Obama is the most followed politician on Instagram with more than 13.4 million follwers.

95 million+ photos/Video recordings are shared each day.

Instagram has more than one billion downloads on Android gadgets and more than 8 million downloads on iOS gadgets.

Heart Emoji is the most used emoji on Instagram, with 575,381 clicks.

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