Indian Noida Girl Srishti Kaur Wins Miss Teen University 2017 :- Srishti Kaur Wins the Miss Teen Universe 2017, Srishti Kaur from India (Noida) has won the Miss Teen Universe 2017 Award. There is a total of 25 contestants have participated in this annual beauty show for the Year of 2017. Srishti Kaur has stood in the top position among all the contestants participated and won the Miss Teen Universe 2017 title. Noida Girl Srishti Kaur Wins Miss Teen Universe 2017; Here Are The Pictures Of The Stunning 19-Year-Old Beauty

The year 2017 has kickstarted on a good note for Srishti Kaur who beat among 25 contestants from around the world to win Miss Teen Universe 2017 in held in Nicaragua. Srishti, who is a resident from Noida has studied from Lotus Valley International and is currently pursuing her education at London School of Fashion.

She also won the best national costume for her elaborate dress that featured a peacock. Other finalists were Mexico’s Ary Trava and Canada’s Samantha Pierre.

Indian Girl Srishti Kaur Wins Miss Teen Universe 2017

Earlier this year, Kaur had won the title of Miss Teen Tiara International, beating 29 other participants. The pageant is organised by the Miss Universe organisation for teens between 15 to 19.

The annual beauty show took place at Managua which is the capital of Central American country Nicaragua. Ary Trava from Mexico and Samantha Pierre from Canada are declared as the runner-ups in the competition held for Miss Teen Universe 2017.

Srishti Kaur Wins For Best National Consume Award 2017 : In the event held for Miss Teen Universe 2017 at Managua, Kaur has also won the award for best National costume. Her costume is featured with a peacock which is considered as the National bird of India. Also, Srishti Kaur has become emotional after she was crowned as Miss Teen Universe.

In the Annual Beauty show held, Xirelle Agustin from the Philippines has also won in the Teen Popularity category. Also, Nicole Obando from Costa Rica has won the award for Teen Charm.The beauty show will be conducted by Miss Universe Organisation. This Beauty Show will be conducted for all the teenagers between the age of 15 to 19 years. The judgement will not only be based on personal beauty but also on talent and intelligence. Mainly the contestants come from Latin America and also the Caribbean. The Annual beauty show held on 25th April, 2017.