India Climbs up From 114 to 105th Place in Internet Speed Rankings


India Climbs up From 114 to 105th Place in Internet Speed Rankings but still lowest in the Asia and Pacific, but the average broadband internet speed is is improved from 3.5 Mbps to 4.1 Mbps, as reports said India now has 4 Mbps speed of average internet but it still managed to ranked lowest in Asia and Pacific

India’s average internet speed continues to be the slowest among all countries in the Asia and Pacific region also that they were a part of the study conducted by the Delivery Network of Akamai Technologies for its Q1 2016 State of the Internet reports.

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India had the Lowest average connection speed in this region as 3.5 Mbps tying with the Philippines at the Same speed of internet with India.

India also reported a better of the 74 in the category of number of connections over 10 Mbps. For the First ever India has broken the Barriers of the Internet speed of 4 Mbps as an average Internet speed, India has still ranked at 105th Place over all Asia-Pacific Region as the remaining countries such as Philippines, Sri lanka and Malaysia.

Despite registering a decrease of 2.5 Percent to last quarter, South Korea once again climbs up the top position with 26.3 Mbps as average Internet speed.

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South Korea was followed by the Hong Kong with 20.1 Mbps as average speed while the UK Internet speed is 23.7 Mbps as these countries tops in the list when it came to the highest mobile Internet speed.

Consumers and customers are certainly benefiting from the competitive environment in the 4G kicked off by Reliance Jio, but the other telecom operators have been forced to other plans as free calling and other better data services.But surely with the services of the Reliance Jio in India are going to show much Improvement in the Country’s Rank in the Coming Year.


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