Hollywood’s Top Blockbusters of 2016 Finding Dory and Zootopia are in Top List


Hollywood’s Top Blockbusters of 2016 Finding Dory and Zootopia are in Top List with the releases of Captain America ,Civil War ,Batman V, Superman : The Dawn of Justice and Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them as we take a look at the biggest films from the Hollywood of this year 2016.

Top Movies in the List Check it Out :-

1.Captain America: Civil War: $1,153,304,495
Rs. 7842 crore

2. Finding Dory: $1,027,638,154
Rs. 6988 crore

3. Zootopia: $1,023,784,195
Rs 6960 Crore

4. The Jungle Book: $966,550,600
Rs 6571

5. The Secret Life of Pets: $875,393,112
Rs 5951 crore

2016 has delivered its fair and biggest box office collections some wins and fails but one area where the right and wrong reasons and also it disappointed is when it comes to sparking on social media.

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From the Surrounding a movie to its Actual theatrical release and beyond the Conversation and online buzz around a movie and becoming more and more crucial and it’s big piece of the Puzzle.

However it just because the people are tweeting about your films and doesn’t guaranteed that you’ll come out on top the list and the top collections of the at the box office at this end of this year and or even on your opening weekend.

These are the Top 10 trending Movies in this 2016 Year and i have taken a look at the movies list which film ranked and how much earned at the worldwide box-office while there are a few Obvious winners and there are a few Surprises too.

Check the Worldwide Box Office : $229.14 Million.

This Movie reboot directed by Paul Feig and got mixed reactions from the all over the world but some fans gave the film on of the roughest rides of the year and swapping male Ghost-busters for females and it starred by the Melissa Mccarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate Mckinnon and Leslie Jones with Chris Hemsworth as their Secretary and some many found that too  sparked some truly vicious.

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Despite the Negatively the most Disliked in YouTube history which reportedly cost around $144 million to make still had people talking and put goose-bums on seats in theaters even if that number was below.


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