Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2B Budget Smartphones Leaked Images.

Now waiting to Miss Out on What seems to be the Official Phone Leak Week.

And Now Gogle Pixel Has Popped up with its own set of Rumours.

Although the Google Pixel Smartphones Camera will not have large MP Size and it will be Compersate in Extra Features.

Some of the other Leaked Details includes a note that the Google is Making a Few Prototypes.

Some with Snapdragon 83x Chips and others with Intel Chips and or even a Google-Developed Custom Chipset and less powerful Hardware.

Pixel 2B would be Significantly more cheaper than the Pixel 2.

It Could Launch at the time or Shortly after Pixel 2.

And which is getting a $50 Price Hike.

The Two versions would be aimed at different Markets.

The Pixel 2B for Instance and also appear towards emerging in World wide Markets.

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