Google To Launch an App In India that to Find Clean Toilets.


Google is To Launch an app In India that to Find Clean Toilets. That searches the clean toilets and has partnered with Minister of Urban Development For this Application.

Taking a good thought and a good step towards making India Cleaner and the Prime Minister Dream also will Come True with this Move, Minister of Urban Development M. Venkaiah Naidu has said on Thursday Launched a Google Map toilet Locator that to help People to find and access to find Clean Public restrooms and they can find them easily with that app.

Google is on a move with Indian Government as Sanitation Mission and it joined hands with India’s Ministry of Urban Development to Develop a toilet location tool that will help User’s to find Clean toilets around them. This Service has been Launched in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh and will soon start in other States all over India.

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Google is adding the Location of the Sanitation and address and opening hours of over four thousand Communical and Public Restrooms to its google Maps.This Application will be listed in Google Maps from today and it will be Available to User’s both on the desktop and Smartphone Version as IOS and Android and this Service will be available in both the versions as English and Hindi Language.

Also the application which will be a GPS Based Tracking app will function across all Smartphones as it will be integrated in Google Maps. Once you open Google Maps you can Simply put in any word related to a toilet, as lavatory ,toilet,washrooms, sulabh,etc.Toilets will be given just as much importance as ATM’s ,Banks,Hospitals and other Services in India.

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This Project is Expected to go live in Delhi before the end of the November and the MOUD is hoping to first get the Feedback from the users and the Public in the Metro areas before scaling up.

To Access critics are also calling as it is happening for a Better education on Sanitary toilet Practices as the country continues to struggle with the open defection and water Contamination.


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