How To Get Back To The Old Version of Google Adsense

The Google Adsense New Home Page Has Completly changed and Improve user Experience which brings along a set of Features into Homepage.

Such as Scorecard, Performance, Platform reports, and Finalized Earnings and Estimated Earnings.

The New Homepage Comes with More Cleaner Design which is easy to Navigate.

It is more Intuitive, But Some of Us are not Really with New Interface.

But Don’t worry…!!!! Adsense Provide You an Option to revert Back into Old Version of Google Interface.

1. Click on ” Revert to Previous Home Page” at the Left-Bottom of Home Page.

2. Choose the “Opt Out” From the Menu List.

3. Google will Ask Your Feedback, if any Suggestions or Feedback and Just hit “YES” else “No”

4. Now You Can Enjoy the Old Version of the Google Interface.

How To Get Back To The Old Version of Google Adsense and New Adsense Layout.

Recently Google Team has Changed A New Layout For Adsense after Long Period Updated Some Key Options Also.

Some Adsense Publishers don’t Like New Adsense Layout Look Because Most of them Experienced with the Old Adsense Layout.

But the New Google Adsense layout Entirely Options are Changed ao Users are Getting Confused and Searching the Options where should I Get the Older Version of the Google Adsense.

In Adsense Account there Notified to Activate New Adsense Layout Somehow like me to Check What are the New Options Available in New Adsense Layout.

If the User Don’t Like the New Adsense Layout they think how do I Switch Back to the Old Version of Adsense Layout.

Google has Changed The New Adsense Layout.

Google Adsense has Changed the New Adsense Layout with Features and Shows Page Views, Earnings, and Some important options are given in Home Page.

In Settings Locates to the Right top of the Window it Under Settings, Status, and Payments.

How to Switch Back to the Old Adsense Layout.

In Google Product Forum “Jonas Honda” Said that the New Adsense Layout and I like the Old Adsense and he asked a Question said that How I can Switch Back to the Old Adsense Layout.

It is Very easy to Switch Back to the Old Version of the Google New Adsense Layout.

Check it Below image Mentioned how to Switch back to Old Adsense Layout

1.Login to Your Adsense account
2.Then Scroll Left Down Shows ” Revert to Previous Home Page” in Black Rectangle Box.
3.Click “Revert to Previous Home Page” then Enjoy Your Old Adsense Layout.

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