How To Get Back My Old Google Adsense Version


How to get back my old Google Adsense

Recently Google Team has changed new layout version for Adsense after long period updated some key options also. Some Adsense publishers don’t like the New Adsense Layout Version, because most the people are well experienced with the old Adsense Version. Bu now the New Google Adsense latest version is entirely options are changed so the most of the users are getting confuse and searching the options where it is. So now through our website we are going to help how to solve the problem. So people likes the old Adsense Version and options.

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Google changed new Adsense version with multiple features and shows page views, Earnings ans other some important options are given in home page. In Old Adsense version the Setting locates right top of the Window it under settings, status and payments.

In the old Adsense version:

1. Login your Adsense Account.

2. Then scroll down on the left side it shows “Revert to previous home page” in black rectangle box.

3. By clicking it it goes to the previous Adsense version.

In the New Adsense Version the options are given on the left side of the home page, and you can able see the earning on the home page it self. But it not given the option to switch to old Adsense version.

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