Game of Thrones season 7 teaser premiere date released check here


On Thursday Night “Game of thrones” gave a shocking news to the audience its fans who are waiting for its announcement for months. The Game of Thrones season 7 is going to come on July 16 but first, they have to spend an hour watching ice melt.

The Game of thrones Season 7 which is expected to be the last or second last season of the series would be bringing back the expansive cast of the show, even those who’ve died it could be Khal

Fans disappointed by the show for coming late and it was meant to release in April 2017. But it doesn’t mean that fans are less excited about returning to Westeros.

The Facebook official team announced the Return of Game of ThronesThe Minute Game of Thrones has released funks have been waiting from all around the world. We all would be going to Westeros in July. If you better take out some time and watch the remaining episodes if you lazy lads have not been keeping up lately.

The  release dates revealed by HBO in an iconic way

HBO and GoT did not waste their time in posting the release date using the trailer and Poster of the Game Of Thrones season. Live-streamed the date on Facebook, where users were asked to comment FIRE on a live video to release the date.

The thrilling teaser released at the end of live stream on Facebook and Twitter as well.


A video clip was uploaded that highlighted the different sigils from all the house grating and rumbling for war, and audio of the clip featured notable dialogues from all the seasons of Game of Thrones. The video ends when they all fall.

There will be a Bad news as well for fans

Much awaited Game of Thrones season 7 is also bringing some bad news for its fans around the world. This season is not only delayed but it will be shorter than any other season you’ve seen so far. This season consisting only seven episodes.

In an interview with Variety, David Benioff said, “I think we’re down to our final 13 episodes after this season. we’re heading into the last.” Although he also hinted that “nothing is set in stone” which makes season 8 possible.

Fans around the world are excited shared their feelings through these memes and Gifs.


And Tell who could beat this REACTION!


HA HA Maybe this REACTION!


We are all in the clouds, dreaming and flying, picking up our theories about what would happen in the Game of Thrones season 7 and beauty of the show are it’s always going to be opposite of what we all could ever imagine.

If you’ve forgotten take a look at the key moments from GoT season 6

So Guys get ready for Game of Thrones- season 7

That’s all folks!

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