Dhanush won the case against old couple claiming his parents


Tamil Superstar Dhanush has won the case against a couple who guaranteed to be his parents and looked for sought maintenance from Rajinikanth’s son in-law. The Madras High Court today subdued the petition demanding maintenance from the actor.

In November a year ago, the couple, Kathiresan and Meenakshi, had claimed that Dhanush was their son who ran from an hostel when he was in Class 11 and needed him to pay a month to monthly maintenance of Rs. 65,000. They had produced a class 10 certificate to move down their case, which included the ID marks.

Dhanush legal lawyers, in any case, say this is an attempt to extract money from him.

On February 28, the Madurai bench of the high court had requested the Madurai Medical College to determine if the performing artist had these two ID marks. The doctors were additionally inquired as to whether the mole and the scar could be deleted without a trace.

The specialists couldn’t discover any identification marks imprints said. They agreed that however it is possible to remove shallow moles utilizing laser technology, scars can’t be removed.

The elderly couple had affirmed that in the wake of fleeing from the hostel, the actor met movie producer Kasturi Raja, accepted to be his organic father, and filled in as a residential offer assistance. They additionally asserted that Kasturi Raja’s family acknowledged him as their child taking after his true to life achievement.

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