Delhi police to take action on Dhinchak pooja for her new song ‘Dilon Ka Shooter’


Youtube star Dhinchak Pooja in trouble the Delhi police likely to take action on her for mis-leading the traffic rules. According to the reports that the Dhinchak Pooja recently released the new single track Dilon ka shooter which is going viral on internet and taken by storm. And the police saw her saw her latest track and they want to take action against her and not for obvious reasons.

One person who is annoyed by her songs that she has been released that person just tagged Delhi police in of the tweets asking to take action on Dhinchak pooja for not wearing helmet. Yes this was the reason behind the action and for roaming on the road for her new song Dilon ka shooter scooter and not following the traffic rules

Mohit singh tweeted how Dhinchak Pooja isn’t wearing the helmet in the song to which the traffic police re-tweeted and asking mohit singh for exact time, date, place of the shoot took place.

Mohit singh know the exact place where, when the song video is taken and he sent details the police replied with that they will take action against her.

Dhinchak pooja know for her Selfie Maine le li Aaj song which went viral on internet


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