Deepika Padukone Stucked in elevator with a waiter check what happen


Imagine yourself being stuck in a lift with your most loved actor. Perhaps somebody as big a hot cute as Deepika Padukone?

I’m sure a lot of you should have crazy thoughts as of now.

Now just imagine, this waiter was having a regular day, doing regular things at his regular job before he got lucky enough to have a real experience with Deepika Padukone who just figured out how to get a similar lift he was in. It was just the two of them and nobody else right when the lift stopped working.

Folks, the LIFT STOPPED WORKING! *Heavy breathing*

Also, what happened directly after was next level dopeness

So simply like any other individual, this person was having his fanboy minute

With Deepika Padukone standing ideal next to me, I would have fainted! Hats off to this fellow, at any rate he was standing all fine on his feet!

The following minute was epic when the lift quit working!

Isn’t that like some kind of a dream? Getting stuck in a lift with Queen Deepika Padukone! *Lovestruck* Ponder what this person more likely than not felt like!

In this way, on the grounds that the lift was trapped, even the fan quit working.

Obviously. Them two were feeling hot and Deepika Padukone removed her Jacket. What this waiter did to fulfill Queen Deepika Padukone was sheer wonder.

See it with your own eyes!

Coca-Cola has brought this stunning activity with another battle of catching fellowship between two strangers. While Deepika is acting naturally in the video, the server’s state of mind is altogether lifted up with offering a coke to the B-town hot beauty!

So here it gives us a message that regardless of where you are or what you do, in any case, you can simply bond and have a ton of fun over a bottle of Coke!

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