Chatur Character From “3 Idiots” has Turned an Internet Viral Check Out Why ?


The Internet is Rare Gift that going to Keep giving to You, just a Last Month ego after the Demonetisation announcement by Narendra Modi that came up with some Viral news as Sonal Gupta Bewafa him out now viral on the Internet all over the India as well as in World.

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at the time of writings 3 idiots have already become on to become what is evidently the biggest and the weekend a Bollywood movie has ever seen in the Industry this should become hardly come as a Surprise will anyone even no one ever actually reads this post.

and now the internet has gone virally as the image of Chatur Ramalingam od the nickname Silencer was played by the Omi Vaidya in the Khan to make a more Successful that has Surfaced and it going virally on the Internet.

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I am out of Here:-


A native of LA, Omi Vidhya used to visit Mumbai always in Vacation often that he visit that he auditioned for a movie by Raj Kumar Hirani and he became an overnight star celebrity with the role of Chatur Ramalingam in 3 Idiots movies starring Aamir khan and Kareena Kapoor he is planning to do Good Roles in the Movies in Bollywood but for now OMI is trying to woo small Screen auditions by the in Anchoring Side to U Bright Minds and Chhote Ustaad .

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The one show on the TV have heard about yourself ? as the modern family an American TV show and also Indian Idol, I and he was Sentimental about that he replied My Parents and Family and also about don’t have as much luck as I Have.


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