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Bruce Lee, the performing artist who was a combative technique master, is an amazing name in south India. His film Enter The Dragon, that discharged in the 1970’s, kept running for a considerable length of time, even in little stations in the south. So the creators of GV Prakash’s new film drove by executive Prasanth Pandiaraj, titled their film, Bruce Lee, as it has enormous title esteem.

However, GV Prakash’s Bruce Lee would make the late legend hand over his grave. The film, which was touted as a darkly comic drama, is awkward and has neither a story nor style. The droll silliness in the film is constrained.

A young man, who is a sissy, is given the name Bruce Lee by his hovering mother since he enjoys viewing the legend’s movies on TV. He grows up into a lily-livered young fellow (GV Prakash), who does not have a spine. His better half (Kriti Kharbanda) or closest companion (Bala Saravanan) dependably ventures into battle his fights. One day, the posse gets into the issue with the reprobate (Ramdoss) who takes on the appearance of Marlon Brando of Godfather or now and again as The Joker of The Dark Knight. They click pictures of him executing a neighborhood pioneer, and are thus are on the race to spare their lives.

Some of Kollywood’s outstanding humorists like Motta Rajendran, Anandraj and others copy understood performing artists. The customary Thala (Ajith) and Thalapathy (Vijay) references are likewise there. There is a disclaimer from the chief showing up in the title cards with a quote from Quentin Tarantino – “I take from each and every film at any point made.” And the executive includes – “I get roused from each and every motion picture at any point made.” To understate the obvious, we wish GV Prakash, a sensible star, would picked his scripts with somewhat more care later on.


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