Bhumi Pednekar gets into a heated argument with lady in GYM


Bhumi Pednekar’s upcoming film Toliet-Ek Prem Katha is good to go to release. In the film she assumed a part of a village young lady, who battles with society to build toilets in each home. Bhumi will be pared inverse Akshay Kumar in the film.

All things considered, as of late the performing artist snatched eyeballs at the Versova gymnasium center, where she gets into a heated argument over air conditioner.

“The argument was over turning off of the air conditioner and it got marginally boisterous,” a source educated Mirror.

“The exercise center has around seven ACs in the exercise area with temperatures ordinarily kept up at around 16 degree and Bhumi observed the temperature to be too low. The purpose of practicing for her is to sweat it out. Bhumi raised the issue with the rec center supervisor, who consented to turn off the ACs in the region she was in.” source included.

Before long, a woman, unmistakably disturbed about the temperature, she moved toward Bhumi and advised her to step out and practice somewhere else if the temperature was bothering her to such an extent.

On this issue they both began contend with each other and that is the point at which an irritated Bhumi shot back, ‘You have no clue who I am’.

After a great deal of contention, Bhumi walked from the exercise center and keeping in mind that conversing with Mirror, she said “The staff saw my point and yielded. I was attempting to talk with the director and settle it when another part, who is evidently asthamatic, got upset. I didn’t think about her infirmity and had a go at informing her regarding my uneasiness with working out in an icy place. I even asked for her to converse with the supervisor and disclose things to him as opposed to conversing with me.”

The on-screen character was astounded when she learnt that another member her as rude and standoffish. “I will never talk rudely to another woman, particularly on the off chance that she is more seasoned than me. My tone was never ill bred,” Bhumi closed down.

ToiletEk Prem Katha is slated to discharge on August 11.


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