The adventure of the right now suspended period of Bachelor in Paradise proceeds, however DeMario Jackson is at last speaking up. The reality star claims he doesn’t ha anything to stow away, and that he needs ABC to discharge the tape of the experience being referred to.

As indicated by TMZ, Jackson is doing whatever he can to persuade WB and ABC to either discharge the video of he and Corrine Olympios in the pool, or give him a duplicate with the goal that he can demonstrate his innocence.

In case you’re new to the story, Bachelor in Paradise suspended taping this week, in the midst of affirmations that DeMario Jackson exploited Olympios while the cameras were rolling.

Following a night of drinks, the two got hot and overwhelming in the pool. There was some sexual action included, which isn’t uncommon for Bachelor in Paradise. Nonetheless, Olympios claims that she wasn’t sufficiently lucid at an opportunity to state no.

DeMario Jackson is trusting he can get the tape discharged with the goal that he can demonstrate the story isn’t as Olympios cases. As per him, both gave assent and there was nothing forceful about the experience.

As per the report, numerous sources near the show affirm that DeMario Jackson is telling the truth.

DeMario Jackson is obviously searching for an lawyer as of now. While he holds no hard affections for Olympios, and trusts he doesn’t did anything incorrectly, regardless he needs to be careful.¬†Read More:¬†Bachelor in Paradise closed down after Sexual attack between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson