Baahubali director SS Rajamouli wife Rama is divorced and 4 years older than him


SS rajamouli’s showstopper ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’ is persistently Crushing and making records up Indian film industry since it has been released. The film has turned out to be first Indian motion picture which earned gigantic measure of cash Rs 1,000 crore around the world. Not even in India, film is breaking records around the world.

Individuals thinks about the film’s star cast, however not very few people thinks about its director SS Rajamouli and his family. Relatively few of us realized that his wife Rama is a divorced person. Not just this, she is 4 years more older than him. Rajamouli and his wife Rama’s love story is very interesting. Rama is music director M. M. Keeravani’s wife Sreevalli’s more Younger sister. M.M Keeravani who is Rajamouli’s cousin.

Rama was already married when the pair initially met, and she even had a son. It was then in 2000 when Rama and her ex husband filed for divorce, which prompted a bitter settlement however fortunately left her as the sole caretaker of her child Karthikeya.

During this extreme period of her life, Rajamouli stood close by. In 2001, Rajamouli at last proposed to Rama and around the same time they had a court marriage, which was just gone to by close relatives.In a interview, Rajamouli has frequently shared that Rama’s divorced status did not hamper his affection towards her, and he was prepared to accept her with her child from past marriage. It was 2003, and Rajamouli was dealing with his second Telugu film. It was one of those film shooting days when his wife Rama had went with him. The costumes for the film had arrived, and being the director, Rajamouli was extremely disappointed by the look of the costumes. That day denoted the invasion of Rama into the world of costume designing, and from that point forward she has been the staple costumer designer for the majority of Rajamouli’s movies.

In a interview once, she shared that she didn’t turn into an costume designer in light of the fact that she needed to be one but since her husband wanted somebody who could read and understand his mind the best. Rama likewise included that she is sharp being an costume designer just for her husband other since she feels a feeling of association with her better half, which she may not with some other movie filmmakers.

Rama has dependably been vocal about her wonder towards her husband’s style of work. She stated, “He has a charge over every office. He’s the captain of the ship truly. He’s very clear about what exactly he needs and how to get it.”

Indeed, even Rajamouli’s son, Karthikeya is taking after the footsteps of his dad, and has begun taking lessons in cinematography by working in as an assistant for leading cinematographers. SS Rajamouli and Rama adopted a young girl Mayookha.

The match is most likely made for each other and their commitment towards seeing each other is maybe the best some portion of the Rama Rajamouli marriage.

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