Apple Rolls Out Third Beta To Developers- iOS 10.3 Previous Betas Said to Drain iPhone 6s Plus Battery Soon


Apple Rolls Out Third Beta To Developers- iOS 10.3 Previous Betas Said to Drain iPhone 6s Plus Battery Soon

Apple rolled out the third pre-release version of the future iOS 10 major updates, iOS 10.3, to developers this Monday. Although the details of this new beta version have yet to be exposed various developers and beta testers are previously hoping for it to address the issue they found in the first two beta versions. In fact, some testers are saying the pre-release software causes the iPhone 6s Plus battery to drain faster than the normal.

On MacRumor’s report about the squeeze of iOS 10.3 to developers, some beta testers are complaining about a major battery issue found in the earlier betas. One tester affirmed “6s Plus was having major battery drain on first 2 betas. Confident they got the kinks work out.” One more tester chimed in “Same. My battery has been dismal. I can lose 30 percent in just over an hour doing little to nothing … I am tempted to use a battery set just to get through the day right now. Don’t trouble what they do apart from this, however, the battery needs fitting.”

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Going on the Apple subreddit about the recently released iOS 10.3 beta 3, some of the users are also reporting the same thing. One of the developers commented about I phone 6s Plus battery draining speedy with the previous developer beta. One more developer wrote about the same issue on his iphone7 handset even, in standby mode.

On YouTube uploaded reviews of the beta releases, several testers also complained about the battery problem.  Indeed, even the analyst himself conceded to encountering the issue on his iPhone gadget. All things considered, it isn’t known yet in the event that the battery issue is far reaching.

Meanwhile, the third beta release of iOS 10.3 is found to improve the stability and awareness of iPhones and iPads. The release notes for the beta software have yet to be released, but 9To 5Mac says users can already expect to Find My AirPods support, CarPlay development, and many other positive changes to be part of it. Already spilled iOS 3 subtle elements likewise specified an application survey highlight in which developers can straightforwardly react to audits and remarks of clients.


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