Apple iPhone 8 going to release in 2018 iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s plus will launch in September


Component supply issues could delay the launch of (AAPL) Apple’ next generation iPhone past its traditional September launch window, according to news reports. On Wednesday, French Apple news website iGeneration reported that 3D image sensors for Apple’s 11th-generation handset regularly referred to as the iPhone 8, may not be ready for a September debut.

The 3D sensor reportedly is being produced for Apple by french Italian chipmaker STMicroelectronics (STM). Possible uses for the 3D sensor include augmented reality applications and facial recognition for secure log-in.

iPhone 8 could land later than usual this year

Apple is rumored to be launching three new handsets this fall. In addition to the premium iPhone 8, Apple is expected to come out with updated versions of its current-generation handsets, which would be called the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S plus. The 7series models would not have the 3D sensor and thus likely will launch in Septemeber, said by iGeneration.

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iPhone 8 is expected to be a drastic redesign, including a borderless OLED display, no physical home buttons, and wireless charging capability.

Some have speculated that the new phone could be called the iPhone 10 or iPhone X because it will be the company’s 10th-anniversary smartphone. But iGeneration and Japanese news site Macotakara say it could be called the iPhone Edition, similar the naming of Apple’s high-end smartwatch, the Apple Watch Edition.

Such rumor ignores the fact that the name iPhone 8 would be well received in China, where eight is considered a very lucky number. In Chinese culture, the number eight connotes wealth, success, and luck.

Apple shares ended trading Wednesday down a fraction to 139 on the stock market

Macotakara late Tuesday also said that iPhone 8 could land later than usual this year because of longer manufacturing validation testing related to new technologies and hardware changes on the devices.

Last week, Taiwan-based Digitimes reported that the iPhone 8 wouldn’t go into mass production until September. it blamed the delay on a new fingerprint sensor that is difficult to manufacture.

“September date for mass Production would, therefore, imply that the iPhone 8 might not go on sale until October or later,” reported 9to5Mac

Apple shares ended trading Wednesday down a fraction to 139 on the stock market today. STMicroelectronics stock was up 1.2% near 105.59.

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