Ananya Verma aka Avni will Shoot Neil in Naamkaran will Neil die?


The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular day by day cleanser Naamkaran is going to grandstand a gigantic twist in the storyline.

According to the present track Neil is making a decent attempt to get the truth of Ananya Verma otherwise known as Avni. Viewers will see a stunning turn in the storyline with Neil at last coming to realize that Ananya is Avni and she has come back to the Mehta house to look for revenge form Daya and get back her brother Amol.

Avni has been making a decent attempt to conceal her mystery frame everybody except Neil keeps a nearby watch on Avni as he needs to unwind her mystery. Neil realizes that Avni is hiding a major truth about herself and he needs to get Avni before she does some enormous crime.

Nonetheless, Neil has likewise begun to begin to look all starry eyed at Avni and does not know whether he truly needs to rebuff her or needs to stop her doing any crime. In spite of Neil’s feelings for Avni, he at long last, discovers her truth and needs to prevent her from making a wrong step.

Avni has a gun in her hand and Neil tries to snatch the gun frame her. A tussle happens amongst Neil and Avni as they attempt to take a few to get back some composure of the firearm and in this tussle, Avni winds up pulling the trigger and shooting Neil. Neil will be stunned after the gunfire and will fall on the ground in the wake of taking a gander at is blood.

Will Neil die? Will Avni save Neil’s life? Will Neil put Avni in the slammer after this incident?

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