Actor Jeevitha and Rajsekhar daughter Shivani to debut in Tamil movie


South Indian Actors Rajsekhar and Jeevitha daughter Shivani to make debut in Tamil film. Shivani is the elder daughter of the Rajsekhar and Jeevitha. Rajsekhar and Jeevitha have worked in Some many Telugu and Tamil films. Most likely this is the reason Shivani has been sharpening her aptitudes as far back as she was a child. The points of interest of her debut film aren’t known yet.



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“Details of the venture will be reported soon. Be that as it may, I’ve arranged for this my entire life. I’ve learned Kuchipudi and Bharathanatiyam and also music instruments, for example, guitar , veena and keyboard.


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Rajsekhar has worked in various hit movies, such as, Magaadu , Aahuti, Shrutilayalu, Ankusham, Talambralu , Anna and Allari Priyudu, while Jeevitha is known for her movies like Aahuthi, Station Master, Ankusham and so on.


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Shivani, who additionally has a more youthful sister Shivatmika, is knowledgeable in kick-boxing and singing


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