Aamir Khan: Happy Birthday Aamir Khan Mr Perfect of Bollywood turns 53


Aamir Khan Mr Perfect of Bollywood turns 53 today and this will be a special year.According to some media that Aamir khan invited Phogat family for his birthday bash in Mumbai. Aamir khan latest blockbuster was ‘Dangal’. Aamir Khan Dangal rolled record smashing success proving once again that Mr perfect is the king of Movie industry the film collected 380-crores mark making it one of the highest grossing in Hindi film industry.

Aamir khan has not only have huge fan following he has so many fans in Bollywood so of celebrities tweeted in twitter saying happy birthday

Bollywood Director Karan Johar one of Aamir-khan well wisher tweeted Happy birthday @aamir_khan may the force always be with you!!!

Ritesh Deshmukh shared a picture of Aamir Khan and wrote, “Happy Birthday dear @aamir_khan-Thank you making my movie watching experience magical. Have a great one.. a blessed one. love always.

‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ actor Diana Penty tweeted, “Happy Birthday @aamir_khan! Have a good one! Best wishes always

Aamir Khan six movies with  social messages which stood out and lasting impression

Sarfarosh (1999)

moreover being a thriller with Aamir Khan playing tough cop ACP Rathore on the trail of gunrunners from Pakistan, the movie touches upon issues decaying India’s unique social fabric. The upright Hindu officer’s closest ally is inspector Salim (played by Mukesh Rishi), but the department is unenthusiastic to trust a Muslim officer.

Patriotism and communal accord pour out from every pore in a scene where Rathore reacts to Salim’s accusations that he was not measured for the assignment because he’s a Muslim. He explains why religious conflicts should not come in way of duty.

Lagaan (2001)

Aamir as Bhuvan, the country bumpkin with an approach. And not only that, he accepts a challenge to play the English and beat them in their own game of cricket to win tax concessions for his village. He achieves the not possible with a ragtag team; the hidden weapon being the village hunter born with a warped arm turning the tide as his key bowler. The figure of speech was not lost — David versus Goliath. But it was his motivational speech to his folk that underpins the message: the strength in unity.

Mangal Pandey: The Rising (2005)

Khan plays 1857 freedom fight back hero Mangal Pandey in this Ketan Mehta film which narrates the story of the first revolution against British rule. “Yeh azaadi ki ladai hai … ghuzre hue kal se azaadi … aane waale kal ke liye,” Pandey tells fellow soldiers in Meerut as he inspires them to rise against the British masters.

Rang De Basanti (2006)

Impressed with the story of the Indian freedom struggle, a foreign filmmaker arrives in India and selects some youngsters to play important characters in her film. During the shooting, youngsters led by Khan as DJ, starts experiencing an inward journey which make them understand the true meaning of freedom. It gives them moral strength when they stand tall opposite some mighty politicians.

PK (2014)Aamir as PK — a non-blinking, paan-chewing alien lost in India’s socio-religious tangle — explores paradoxes that face every day in the form of godman, sycophantic devotees, thieves and riff-raffs. For all these he had a simple name, ‘wrong number’. “Kaun Hindu, kaun Musalman … thappa kidhar hai dikha … ye farak bhagwan nahi tum log banaya hai … aur yahi is gola ka sabse danger wrong number hai.”

Dangal (2015)This was a film which recognized him as the most risk-taking superstar In Bollywood. He played a father who’s old, helpless, but unconquerable. Most of the superstars of Bollywood won’t agree to do such a film as it may make them lose their younger fans. But Aamir is different.

He not only ensured the box office, but also made critics sit tight and take notice of the social values he promoted through Dangal.

Hindaily wishes a very Birthday to Mr perfect Aamir Khan

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