Top 10 beautiful female Politicians in the world


When we think about politics and politicians, we remember a sleazy, gray-hairy, strict looking and boring person. And the word sexy and glamorous gives us nothing but rolling eyes in disgust. But in the recent past, we have seen politicians that are just the right balance of hotness and strictness.

We bet you are not able to believe us. But this list will give you wings.

Top 10 beautiful female Politicians Right now in the world

Alina Kabaeva (Russia)

She is Beauty queen is a rhythmic gymnast, and she has been recorded as one of the gymnasts who won many medals in the history of championships. she has been into politics since 2007 to till date.

Luciana Leon (Peru)

She is a Peruvian politician who started her career in politics at an early age of 14 and worked till 1995. she has also been voted as the most beautiful woman in politics of all times.

Ruby Dhalla

She is a Canadian politician who served for the Liberal party from 2011-2017. She also happened to try her luck at beauty and acting contests and so happens to be one of the hottest women in politics.

Nicole Minetti (Italy)

Dental hygienist turned into politician was associated with the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi and made major headlines. though she was sentenced to three years, her sexiness never faded away.

Setrida Geagea (Lebanon)

Born in Ghana, She started her career in Lebanon. Setruda is known for her beauty and her political role in Lebanon’s fight against Syria. Later she met the leader of Lebanese forces and got married

Toireasa Ferris (Ireland)

She is an Irish Fein politician and she is the daughter of an Irish politician who was involved in a lot of political bombings. she’s been into politics since ages and has been a mayor and a county councilor.

Orly Leva (Israel)

She acquired a law degree, served in Israeli force been a model and hosted television shows. She is a beauty with brains and as much as you can talk about her talent as a politician she is indeed a bomb

Yuri Fujikawa (Japan)

Yuri entered politics in 2007 and is a councilwoman for Hachinohe city. sh used to work as a caretaker before when her father passes away. after that she decided to step into politics while working in politics, she has been involved in a lot of sexual controversies.

Maria Rosaria Carfagna (Italy)

She was a showgirl and model before she stepped into the world of politics. she even worked for the Italian television several years before turning to politics. she served as a minister form 2008 to 201 and she definitely has those looks on point. To add a cherry to the cake she was even awarded the most beautiful minister in the world and ranked number on Maxims world hottest politicians.

Eva Kaili (Greece)

She is News anchor and Journalist turned a politician is a definite hot lady who joined as a member of Hellenic parliament. she is also counted as a beauty with brains and has secured her graduation in architecture and engineering. Now, who says there no hotties in politics?

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