Planning to work international? Here are the 5 best countries you should apply


Many Indians long for living and working overseas, however just modest bunches really pull out all the stops. They’re tempted by adventure, the opportunity to encounter exotic cultures, and the chance to abandon their old lives. But in the end, moving just seems too hard.

Keeping work culture, employee benefits and life in mind, we’ve complied a list of 5 countries you should work in.

Here are the best 5 countries you should apply

New Zealand

New Zealand brags a low crime rate, high standard of living, and probably the most excellent landscapes on the planet.

Sectors you can try: Agriculture, Tourism, Business

Hong Kong

Before you pack up and choose to move to Hong Kong, know that it’s significantly more expensive than the Chinese mainland however minimalists will value the small apartments. The most ideal approach to flourish monetarily is to have a well-paying occupation and arrange a stellar compensations package.

sectors you can try: Finance, insurance, biomedicine, tourism, and tech

UAE (United Arab Emirates)

This wealthy nation is popular for its high-paying jobs. while it is a well known destination for generally youthful expats, the UAE is a conservative country with strict codes of public conduct.

Sectors you can try: Construction, engineering and real estate

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France’s stable environment and position as one of the most liberal country in the European Union makes it a top relocation destination.

Sectors you can try: Tech, Business, engineering and hospitality


With Amsterdam balanced as one of the world’s focal of finance, international business, and weed, the Netherlands draws in more expats than any other country.

Sectors you can try: Finance, food processing, hospitality and marijuana

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