We are busy to be frank we have some things to do in daily life and it responsible to do. But life will only get once, so live it to the core. But remember what we say is easy but performing takes time, money and effort. But think once if we die tomorrow or next minute? how about our dreams, the bank balance we saved for years for our future? Life unexpected thing, so live it when you have chance to do. So today we are bring a article over the things which you must do before you die, better if you do before turning 30 age.

The list doesn’t need anything extra but it requires your time. Require some serious energy and registration the greatest number of as objectives you can. write it on a paper, stick it on room’s wall and check before turning 30

Here are the List things to do at least once in your life

Visit an Exotic PlaceVisit a place you feel like yourself. we will suggest you that go alone.
Experience silence, your true self, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Go to a music Fest.Go to a music celebration of your most loved band. Really, it is a lifetime experience.

Run a Marathon.

Run a marathon, or if nothing else a half-marathon.

Swim naked.

Not in an open water stop however.

Learn how to cook for yourself.

Figure out how to cook, not anything specifically, but rather ace that one dish and nobody on the planet can improve it than you.

Look into your family tree.

You never know, who is your grand father , his father, father , grand, granddad.


The fun reality is that you can skydive without a parachute, however just ONCE.

Learn how to make a Cocktail drink.

Try not to wind up being the ‘ace of none’.

Sing at karaoke night

Trust me, your voice will be better than Justin Bieber.
Scuba diving.Experience the sea world with out oxygen mask (jokes are part) don’t try without oxygen mask
Lose all sense of direction in an foreign city.No, don’t get lost, simply go where the street takes you.
Climb a mountain.Not really Mount Everest, but rather mandatory not Mount Wycheproof.
Spend atleast one night under the starsI will when I go bankrupt. Jokes apart, stars are love.

Go to a class of a specific topic, you have no information of.I can’t on the grounds that, I can’t bear the cost of a Macbook.

Get fit as a fiddle.You let me know, I can be fluid for my bae.

Volunteer for a cause.

Volunteering is the best medication of life.
Make a life decesionWho is ideal for you? You know better.
Travel alone.Be Mr. Bean now and again.
Go to a Final match.Not the normal season match , but rather FINALE is something you will recall. Any Sport, any game, it doesn’t make a difference.
Get drunk.Try not to mean drunk, however I mean drunkkkk. Get hella’ inebriated, however we don’t bolster drinking and driving.
Rent a Holiday home.Lease an occasion home, you will make lots of friends. Loners like me, remain at home and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Take week off from work.Take seven days off and be with yourself. Do all that you at any point arranged of doing alone.

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