Doctors Warn Brits With Epidemic Hacking Cough that is Plaguing the Nation


Doctors Warn Brits With Epidemic Hacking Cough that is Plaguing the Nation, and there’s Nothing that we can do for “Antibiotics will be of no Help for Most Normally Healthy People.”

Doctors Have been Left Powerless to Help Hundreds of People Struck Down by a vile Hacking Cough in this winter.

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The lingering illness that seems to last for the weeks and cannot be treated with the antibiotics and with the Sufferers urged to just say rest and get Plenty of Food and Fluids.

Doctors are now stressing to the Public that there will be Virtually nothing that they can do to help as antibiotics and have no effect on these Viruses.

“Unfortunately in most of the Cases the Patient has another Underlying Chronic Condition” for Example, Heart or Lung Disease or diabetes and there is often nothing the GP can do to help them and other than recommend and resting and drinking plenty of Fluids.

“Antibiotics will be off and no help for most Normally for healthy People.

If you see blood or any breathless with your Symptoms and have lost weight or Symptoms are on-going more than three weeks, and Patients should get Advices.

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Swansea GP Steve Bassett said Plenty of rest and Fluids and along with keeping warm are the only cures.




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