Air India female crew make history before International women’s day


Air India says it has to turn out to be the first airline to fly around the world with an all-female crew, just in advance of International Women’s Day.

“Air India scripted history by flying an all-women crew flight around the world,” the airline said in an announcement on Facebook, after Flight AI 174 touched back down in New Delhi on Friday.

The Boeing 777 flew from New Delhi to San Francisco last Monday, traveling over the Pacific Ocean. The crew finished a compulsory rest period before flying over the Atlantic back to New Delhi, finishing the round-the-world trip.

Smiling members of Air India’s crew, wearing saris and jackets, posed for selfies in San Francisco International Airport last Monday before setting off on the final leg of the trip.

Every member of staff — from the flight’s captains to the cabin crew, check-in and ground handling staff — were women. Even the engineers, who trained the aircraft, and air traffic controllers, who cleared its departure and arrival, were women, the company said.

An Air India spokesman told media that the airline has applied for a Guinness World Record to mark the occasion, part of a series of all-women flights listed to mark International Women’s Day on March 8.

Sexual harassment in the Air India flights

Women who are in India, the sexual mug is too common.

In 2012, the brutal gang rape of a young woman in the capital New Delhi brings the issue of sexual aggression to the fore. In reply, the central government rapidly passed tougher laws with harsher punishments.

But the number of reported rapes has constant to scale. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, the number of reported rapes in 2015 was 34,651, compared to 24,923 in 2012, suggestive of an enhance in the reporting rate.

Last month Air India began advertising female-only seat sections on its domestic routes to battle in-flight sexual attack. The move came after reports that some women were being groped by male


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