This Bride wearing a shorts Instead of a lehenga is breaking the internet Check it Out


This lady of the hour puts stock in opportunity. She discarded her wedding lehenga for cool shorts. The lady who is by all accounts Indian wore a red choli with perplexing gold work collaborated with a decorated dupatta. She looked dazzling with her ideal wedding cosmetics and staggering gold gems. Be that as it may, what left web-based social networking clients stunned was that she swapped her lehenga with some dark Nike shorts.

The bride couldn’t care less! She ditched the lehenga for a pair of comfy shorts. Scroll down to see her entire look and how the social media reacted to it.

The photo turned into a web sensation when it was posted on the web, and Twitterati’s couldn’t quit responding to it. While some pummeled the lady of the hour for her senseless decision, some valued the way that she couldn’t have cared less about social tradition and jettisoned the painful lehenga which is regularly as substantial as 15-20 kg. Look down to see a portion of the amusing tweets.


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