Actor Akshaye Khanna wish to date late Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa


Bollywood performing artist Akshaye Khanna, son of late superstar Vinod Khanna and his first spouse Gitanjali, is 42 years of age yet till now he is single. Why he is as yet single?

Akshaye who once dreamed to date late Jayalalithaa, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, expressed in a interview, that he will never get married, in any event at the present time. This is because of the way that he wouldn’t like to abandon his freedom as a single man.

Akshaye was asked whether there is any special woman in his life whom he might want to make an partner, Akshaye said “Nobody truly. I don’t remember anybody. I like somebody’s company, yet for me there is a cut off point. My relationship can be excellent, lovely and caring however at last, I need isolation. This is one thing I can never leave and this is the best approach to carry on with my life. It doesn’t imply that I am scared of the responsibilities.

Akshaye likewise told in this interview he is an exceptionally shy individual. So when he get somebody’s attention, he begin feeling awkward. He stated, “I won’t state that I’m a narcissistic, yet I am not keen on exposure, fame and attention. It doed not give me happiness. A major pop star can sing on the stage before a crowd of millions however in his own space he can be an extremely hold man.

Amid his appearance on the show ‘Rendezvous with Simi Grewal’, Akshaye Khanna admitted that he wants to date Jayalalitha who was 27-year old then him. He stated, “There’s parcel there that interests me. She’s very secretive”


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