Actress Kriti Sanon caught red handedly with 2000 notes worth 2.7 crore


PM Modi has received mixed emotions from the Indian Citizens after demonetization Initiative. Citizens of India are still suffering to withdraw money form banks as well as ATM’s. Some many banks are Still running out cash and ATM’s are not working and displaying the NO Cash boards.

Struggling for the New cash notes is one side, and another side of the Bollywood is going Crazy over Dilwale actress Kriti Sanon’s caught with a dressed in gown made out which was apparently made of RS 2000 Notes started doing the rounds of various social media, now Kriti Sanon accidently filled a very serious discussion on microblogging wedsites.

We have been watched Bollywood celebrities wearing a dress which displays with prints of flags, animals, and even picture of country’s PM Rakhi Sawant did in the past. But Kriti Sanon unique dress caught the attention f everyone and is viral going on social media.

Statement given by Fashion designers and some people across the country calling it as a Fresh fashion, while other criticizing the actress for her insensitivity at a time when millions of people are struggling to with draw cash and standing Outside ATM’s and banks for some many hours even after from the date of announcing Ban of 500 and 1000 notes.

Some users debated the authenticity of the picture, their less reasonable counterparts didn’t waste time in checking the veracity of the picture, proceeding to make fun of the unsuspecting actress.
a Twitter user remarked, “When you hit an ATM that has only Rs 2000 notes.”

Soon enough, Sanon 26-year-old got a whiff of the development and promptly went to call out the trolls.
Guess What ? the picture is Fake.Sanon never got a dress made of Rs 2000 notes let alone wear it in Public.

Kriti Sanon tweeted ” I think it’s the tiny brains that take this Photoshop magic for real,” she tweeted in response to a, particularly curious fan.

The Bollywood actress went on to share the original picture of the dress, a tad ill-fitted two-tone number.


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